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The Microscopy Laboratory of the Center for Advanced Studies, Research and Development in Sardinia (CRS4) has a wealth of experience in optical and electron microscopy and provides services to companies, universities and public and private research centers.

The MicroLab is equipped with advanced instruments and over the years has gained competence and professionalism in varied applications mainly related to Materials Science, Technological Characterization and Diagnostics of microelectronic components, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Environmental Sciences

The Laboratory is a partner in several applied research projects with universities and research centers, industry and SMEs.


Microscopy in material science

The development of new materials, especially nano materials for various applications, is now a key sector in research and development beyond the academic field for product innovation and the process industry. With its increase in resolution to the nanometer and sub-nanometer...

Microscopy in biomedical science and pharmaceutics

Electron microscopy has been, historically, a great support tool in the biomedical field for quality control and for diagnosis confirmation in histopathology. In recent years it has also become a vital tool in the pharmaceutical field...